Cambridge Unemployment Rate - Much lower than the national rate

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It is being reported today that te national unemployment rate has hit 4%, which is lower than at any time since 1975. Locally according to the Office for National Statistics, Cambridge has an unemployment rate of 0.8%. This means that companies are going to have to be ever more thoughtful about how they recruit. The not so far off days of hundreds of candidates knocking on the door when a vacancy was advertised are gone. Good candidates often have more than one interview and can pick and choose the job they most want. If you are planning on recruiting, it is essential that you pay at least market rate to attract candidates. You need to think as well about the things that the modern candidate will find attractive, whether that is a good pension or flexible working. What makes you special to a job hunter and why shuld they work for you? These will become ever more important if you are going to find the people you really want to grow your business. Call me on 01223 300639 if you are about to recruit and need to discuss how to make your role more attractive to prospective candidates.