The "Don'ts of Approaching Interviews

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Sometimes people blow their chances of getting their dream job in ways which could be avoided. The following are experiences, which I ,and clients, have had and which have lost candidates the job which they were hoping for:

  • Not answering the question. I had an extreme example of this back in the 1980's. I asked a gentleman in his 50's a specific question relating to his last role. His answer began with, "Let me take you back to 1968"!  I groaned inwardly and thought "Please don't". No matter how hard I tried, he would not answer the questions I asked.
  • Don't waffle. You may answer the question but if you go on and on and on and on, you may notice the interviewer's eyes beginning to glaze over. This is not a good sign! You need to give your answer to the question with maybe an example of what you are talking about and then stop!
  • Don't be too succinct. For example, I have interviewed people in the past, who have put "bookkeeping" on their  CV. When I have asked them to explain exactly what they did, I have received the answer "Well, you know, bookkeeping"! Unfortunately, I didn't know as bookkeeping to some people can just mean doing ledgers and to others it can include producing the P+L and Balance Sheet. Interviewers don't have crystal balls to guess what you have done, though I often think they would be helpful. You do need to explain.  
  • Don't wear strong perfume or aftershave or smoke a cigarette before the interview. 
Coming up soon - how to practice for an interview.