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The Do's of Approaching an interview

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I am constantly amazed at how people present themselves for interview. Some of the following may sound obvious but all of it is based on my own experience over the years of what makes a good impression on me and on clients.

  • Have a firm handshake. There is nothing worse than trying to shake someone's hand when it feels as if it has so little strength in it that it might drop off at any moment! 
  • Dress smartly. Even experienced interviewers will make a quick assessment of you by what you look like when you enter their premises. If you turn up in torn jeans ( it does happen) and looking a mess, you will make it that much harder for yourself to turn the tables in your favour. This is just as important when you present yourselves for an agency interview. We are the people who will present you to our clients. We will feel far more confident about doing that if you look the part when we meet you.
  • Men - please either have a smart beard or shave - I have interviewed a few men recently who haven't shaved and it gives a dreadful impression 
  • Women - light make up looks professional. 
  • Maintain eye contact though not constantly as that would seem a little odd!
  • Smile when greeting the interviewer .  
  • Be prepared for questions about your recent and not so recent job history. If you have put something on your CV, you should be able to talk about it knowledgeably.
Next week, the don'ts of interviews.