Cavill Robinson have moved!!

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After 24 years in our central Cambridge office, we have moved to Cambourne on the outskirts of Cambridge. Whilst I have been sad to leave offices, which have almost seemed like home after so long, my commute from Huntingdon was becoming unsustainable with the traffic as it is. It was also becoming more and more difficult for candidates to reach us. Times too have changed and with modern technology, it is not essential to have a high street presence as it was when I set up my Cambridge office. 

The Cambourne office is modern, just off the dual carriageway and has plenty of parking outside so it will be a lot easier for candidates to reach us. It will also make the journey to work easier for all my staff.  We're excited about the move and look forward to welcoming you in Cambourne when you visit us. Jeanette Robinson FREC (Hon)