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Finance Qualifications - Tax

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Tax, I think, is a fascinating subject. It is highly complex and there are changes to tax law annually, which you have to keep up to date with. A good tax accountant can save companies thousands of pounds and they will be paid very good salaries for their specialist knowledge.

You can either start your career in tax by studying for the ATT. This is a similar qualification to the AAT but purely for tax and once you have done this, you can go forward to the higher level qualification which is the CTA. Alternatively, if you decide after becoming a qualified accountant that you want to specialise in tax, you can do the CTA.  

Websites for both these organisations are as follows:

Next week, I shall be looking at what qualification you need if you want to work in the public sector.

Until then, have a great week.

Jeanette Robinson FREC (Hon)