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Robot Interviewers - The future of recruitment

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Today, the BBC had an online article about a robot, which can interview people. Without doubt at some stage in the future, this will be a reality but I wonder how people will react  to being interviewed by a machine. Changing jobs is one of the most important and stressful decisions you can make. Are candidates going to be happy interacting with a non-human? Will they feel confident that they are being listened to and what's more that their information will be interpreted in the way that they want it to be?

I found after listening to the artcle, which showed an example of the machine asking questions, that I had a lot of questions in my head as to how it would work in practice. The argument for such machines is that they don't have the same predjudices or unconscious bias, which humans have, however I thought AI learnt from the input it gets, so it may form those biases over time. At the same time, finding someone for a job, isn't just about a skillset. It is about a team fit as well and whether members of the team will get on with each other. Is a machine going to be able to do that? 

I assume that the machine has a way of storing candidate's answers but where do those answers go or does the machine make the hiring decision too and what happens if it gets the hiring decision wrong? We are, after all, dealing with human beings and after 32 years in recruitment, they still never cease to surprise me. Or maybe, we'll just end up with robots interviewing other robots. The future of recruitment looks interesting!!