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How To Hire Successfully in a Candidate Driven Marketplace

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I recently did three pieces of recruitment for a company, which is about to double its turnover. The recruitment went smoothly. We attracted good candidates for the roles and the client has recruited an excellent team. 

I am currently working on a number of pieces of recruitment for other companies and they are struggling to recruit. So what is the difference between the successful company and the others.

This may seem obvious but the successful one listened to what I said about salary levels and pitched the salaries for their roles in accordance with what candidates want. They then interviewed and made decisions quickly. It's that simple. Let me say this clearly for anyone who is about to recruit - there is no point asking your recruitment consultant what salary you should be paying and then deciding that you know better and you can recruit at a lower salary. Unemployment is under 2% in the local area and in order to attract the good candidates or indeed any candidates, you have to offer them the same or more than they are being paid in their current role. The days of getting people on the cheap, which so many companies did in the long years of recession are well and truly over.

In a nutshell then, to recruit successfully:

1) Pitch your salary at a good level

2) Interview VERY quickly

3) Make a decision straight away.

Have a good week.

Jeanette Robinson