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Vital information for Trainee Accountants!

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I have been recruiting this week for three trainee accountant posts for a reputable firm in the local area. Both they and myself have been despairing of the calibre of CV's which we have been seeing from graduates trying to get into accountancy, which is what is prompting me to write this blog. 

The standard of spelling and grammar on the CV's, we have been receiving is to put it bluntly, poor. There are two key issues where this is concerned and they are:

1) If you want to be an accountant, attention to detail is all. If you can't pay attention to detail on your CV, then there is not much hope for you being given a trainee role by any employer in accountancy. 

2) If you are going to communicate in business, then you need to make sure you can write clear English and both spelling and grammar ensure that this is the case

I would urge you then, before you send your CV anywhere to check it, check it again and then get someone else to check it. Do not rely on the spellcheck or your computer for grammar help. 

I look forward to receiving some better quality CV's in the future.

Have a good week.