Summer Reading Choices

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As we are now at the beginning of the summer holiday season, I would like to write about a couple of books I have been reading and would recommend. Neither are particularly heavy but they are both fascinating.

The first is Black Diamonds by Catherine Bailey. This is a history of the rise and fall of the Fitzwilliams, who lived at Wentworth House in Yorkshire. They made their money from coal mining and as well as being the riveting story of the family, there is a lot in this book about coal mining and the poor way in which workers were treated by coal mine owners. The other book, which I am still reading is Hired by James Bloodworth. James Bloodworth is an investigative reoprter, who went undercover working at Amazon, Uber and a call centre to find out the reality of low wage Britain. His findings are quite shocking about the way people are treated in these jobs. It is certainly making me think about whether our ever increasing demand for cheap supllies is having an effect on those lowest paid in our society, which is unacceptable and whether we are all complicit in causing modern day poverty in the same way coal mine owners were the cause of poverty in the last century.  

Have a good summer and happy reading.