Is the future a four day week?

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There has recently been talk in the press of the Labour Party, backed by the Unions wanting people to only have to work a four day week and for companies to still pay them as if they were working for a five day week.

It would be lovely to think that this could work and in some lines of work, with the efficiencies which technology can bring, it might do. If it could be made to work, it would allow people to balance their lives more, particularly if they are carers either of elderly parents or children. However I think in many cases there would be major hurdles to overcome.

It would create recruitment issues in essential services where there is already a shortage of qualified staff, such as the NHS.  In addition, firms would need to be sure that the same level of productivity was reached in four days as in five in order to be able to pay the same level of salary. 

This is not a straight forward issue at all and if it were to be introduced needs to be thought through carefully. I'm sure, though, that people thought the same when weekends were introduced and now we take them for granted. It will certainly be interesting to see whether it becomes a workable proposition at some stage in the future.

Have a good week.


Jeanette Robinson