Will private recruitment agencies survive under a Labour Government?

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Over the next few weeks with an election coming up, I thought I'd look at how recruitment agencies and employment might change under the different parties. 

Many young recruiters will be too young to remember the negativity with which Labour viewed our industry. When I first  started in recruitment, way back in 1986, Labour wanted to make it illegal to run a private recruitment agency. This wasn't wishful thinking. It was a high priority for them as the unions have always viewed the activities of the private recruitment sector with suspicion and dislike believing that the industry exploits people rather than helps them. Even in the early days of New Labour, the recruitment industry was viewed very negatively. When New Labour revamped the Employment Agencies Act in the 90's, they wanted to make it illegal to charge a fee for a temp to perm. This would again have meant the death of the industry as everyone would have taken a temp on for a couple of days and then made them permanent at no cost. It took a change of Employment Minister to the hugely pragmatic Alan Johnson and huge amounts of lobbying from the industry to put paid to that idea. 

Whilst Corbyn and McDonnell are not talking about anything which would threaten our industry currently, this does not mean to say that they or the unions will not be thinking about it. It would be the norm, in my opinion, for a very left wing government to go down this kind of route.

Have a good week.