Another jobs record!!

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The Office of National Statistics released figures yesterday showing that employment rose by 359,000 to an all time high of 32.9 million and unemployment held firm at 3.8 per cent. The rise was driven mainly by full time posts and women taking on more roles. Unemployment remains at its lowest since 1974 and wages are continuint to rise faster than the cost of living.

Whilst the number of vacancies available compared to November 2018 fell by 47,000, there was a rise in professional jobs.

Cavill Robinson's Managing Director, Jeanette Robinson said:

"These figures show that there has never been a better time to job hunt if you are in finance. If you are unhappy in your current role or think you are underpaid where you are with no hope of seeing a change in salary, then why hesitate? The New Year has started with a bang and the recruitment industry is certainly full of optimism for the year ahead."