Happy New Year!! A Great Year for Job Hunting!

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Happy New Year!! After all the uncertainties of the last year, the election is out of the way, Brexit is finally happening and companies know what they are dealing with. This has been reflected in the Report on Jobs which is out today, and which shows an upturn in the available number of jobs, including accountancy roles, just before Christmas. I believe this trend will strengthen as the year goes on and with salaries for new starters increasing in the local area quite rapidly, this is a great year to change your job if you are unhappy in your current situation.

I came back from my usual extended Christmas break last Monday and already clients are talking about recruiting in the coming weeks so don't hesitate to send your CV to us if you have a strong background in accountancy. We'd love to hear from you and help you find your dream job in 2020.

Have a good week.

Jeanette Robinson