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How to leave a job well

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This is a time of year when many people job hunt and face the sometimes daunting prospect of handing their notice in. The worry that people can feel having to do this can mean that they handle it badly and whilst employers won't give you a bad reference because of this, they may just give you a very standard one with no glowing comments. It is therefore worth considering how to depart and yet not leave your employer feeling bitter or angry. Here are a few things to avoid and some things to do:

Don't spring your notice on your employer when they are ill

Don't spring your notice on your employer when they are in the middle of their holiday or the morning they return. 

Don't go round the office bad mouthing your employer to fellow employees

Hand your notice in in person. This is not something that should be done by text or email.

Be prepared to explain why you are leaving but always try and be polite about this. Don't see it as an opportunity to attack your employer personally because you are leaving.

Remember that in some cases you may bump into your employer at some stage in your professional life, so it is always worth trying to leave them on good terms.

Do work your notice if it required.

Do try to leave your work station clean and tidy when you leave 

Do try to wrap up any work you have been doing before leaving

Do leave notes for the person who comes after you on how to do the job

Work with your employer, if they ask you to, to help recruit your replacement. 

 In short, treat your employer as you would wish to be treated yourself if you were in their shoes. If they have behaved badly towards you, rise above it. You don't have to stoop to their level

Have a good week and happy job hunting


Jeanette Robinson.