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Will Coronavirus change working patterns for good?

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Until now, unless you have been a senior manager, flexible working for many employees has merely consisted of flexing start or finish times. I have wondered in the past week, whether the advent of the coronovirus will start to change this.

If whole swathes of the workforce are forced to self isolate in case they have Coronavirus but in reality just have a cold, will companies insist that they continue working,Employment but from home in order to keep the economy moving. Once companies realise that their workforce is no less productive working from home, will this then change the way companies decide to engage with their workforces in the future. There is no doubt that technology enables staff in many occupations to work from anywhere but businesses have to date in many cases insisted on sticking to traditional models of employment. Seismic events like bad recessions or in this case a worldwide virus, make businesses reconsider their business models and make changes to them. 

It will be certainly be interesting in the forthcoming weeks to see how much disruption there will be if people are made to stay at home at the sign of the slightest sniffle or whether much will continue as normal using technology to achieve that.

Have a good week.

Jeanette Robinson